Tenets of Our Work

We are ardent advocates for the transformative power of a well-designed firm and the empowerment which thrives when the ‘business of design’ undergoes a process of thoughtful periodic examination and renewal.

Greenway Provides Deep Insights & Practical Advice Backed by Experience and Research

We Draw on Decades of Practical Experience

We Strenghten Businesses in Service to Great Design

We Apply Design Thinking to Complex Business Issues

We Conduct In-Depth Independent Research

We Offer Fresh Perspectives with Candor & Confidentiality


Trusted & Skilled Advisors – Greenway’s senior consultants serve as trusted, skilled advisors and we focus exclusively on strengthening design-based businesses. We provide comprehensive management consulting services that will help guide your firm in the decades to come. We understand that each firm is unique, and our advice and recommendations are customized to each firm’s culture and individual circumstances. Recommendations simply for the sake of change should never masquerade as sound strategic business advice.

Greenway Principal’s Roundtable – Our clients receive the benefit of our senior principals’ collective knowledge and expertise in every engagement. Greenway Principals convene regular internal discussions in order to capture our diversified spectrum of professional experience in AEC practice, marketing, operations, organizational design, and financial management. We believe this peer review and far reaching discussion helps us to avoid blind spots or biases and serves to calibrate and validate both our quantitative research findings and our qualitative recommendations to clients.

Our clients seek our insights, research, and analyses on a wide array of complex issues:

 “How do we stay relevant in the face of the rapid change in the world and our clients?”

 “What do our clients really think about our services and fees. How can we get candid feedback to improve our practice?”

  “How should our business development efforts adapt to a post-pandemic environment?”

 “How do we engage with our clients to address their increasingly complex business challenges?”

 “How should we leverage new technologies in service to great design?”

 “Past valuations of our firm have focused on the past, how do we maximize the future value of our practice?”

 “Competitors are poaching our best people.  How do we engage new top talent?”

 “We have lots of great ideas and enthusiasm, how do we gain traction and follow through on key initiatives?”

 “Should I sell my firm or pass it on?  How do I make up for lost time in develping our future leaders?”

 “How do we capitalize on a multi-office structure without jepardizing our culture?”

How Can We Help You?

If you would like a senior member of Greenway’s team to contact you regarding our services,  please send us a message and we will contact you within one business day.