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We deliver the resources, the experience, and representative advocacy of a trusted strategic advisor.


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We approach M&A assignments as a long-term partner and value-builder to help set the stage for profitable new directions, staff opportunities, and a renewed environment for aligned vision and growth. 

Mergers & Acquisitions Services 

The efficient execution and implementation of mergers and acquisitions is a foundational skillset for us.  Greenway’s Mergers & Acquisitions services are guided by our deep understanding of our clients’ cultures and long-term strategic goals. We proactively seek out opportunities and do not rely on postings or settle for what happens to be ‘on the market’ at any moment in time.

Greenway’s M&A professionals deliver a distinctive client experience through service offerings tailored to address the unique needs of architecture, design, and engineering companies. We utilize a holistic approach and offer a suite of strategic financial advisory and services.

We are not transactional brokers.

   M&A Resources

Compatibility Assessments

Cultural compatibility is the cornerstone of successful acquisitions. The initial step of assessing cultural compatibility often hinges upon direct discussions between firm leaders and the development of personal relationships. We supplement these personal assessments by conducting independent interviews of all key executives using Greenway’s proprietary tools.

The results of our work serve as both an independent cross check of leadership and cultural observations and a means to highlight integration priorities early in the M&A process.

Business Profiles, Valuations and Financial Analyses

Greenway develops a comprehensive profile of each target’s firm’s historical performance, tangible and intangible assets and liabilities, and future prospects. We provide comprehensive, independent firm valuations. The COVID pandemic heightens the importance of accurately assessing the resilience of the target firms to the current economic disruptions and corresponding impact on firm value.. While the ultimate impact of the pandemic may take years to fully unfold, we use scenario planning to help quantify appropriate valuation discounts and caveats in these uncertain times.

Our valuation work is calibrated by our ongoing experience in the market representing both buyers and sellers of AE firms. There are many approaches to firm valuation, and we endeavor to provide a clear, practical, and comprehensive analysis that avoids the use of jargon or opaque algorithms.

We have extensive experience in financial modeling and scenario planning in the context of forecasting and AE firm valuation.

Due Diligence & Risk Assessments  

Spotting red flags and surfacing key issues early in the due diligence process is essential.

Risks and contingencies must be considered alongside opportunities and other tradeoffs. All too often the difficult issues or sensitive questions are kicked down the road, only to resurface during final negotiations. Greenway’s role as your dedicated advocate ensures that needs and expectations of all parties are constructively managed throughout the due diligence process.

Our wide experience helps us to identify potential issues quickly and to suggest constructive ways to address areas of potential concern. Issues surrounding insurance tail liability costs, the assumption of real estate, other significant lease obligations, and owner perks are common integration challenges.

Integration and Implementation Assistance

Many acquisitions fail to fully achieve their goals due to a lack of comprehensive integration and onboarding.

Greenway’s senior consultants have all owned or lead professional service firms and we understand the complexities of blending practices, integrating systems, and melding cultures.

Serving as an ongoing, active resource for our clients’ implementation teams, we pay particular attention to helping firms ensure clarity surrounding new roles and responsibilities.

We add value throughout the integration and implementation process by serving as a team facilitator, sounding board, and set of independent eyes to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the press of other demands on leadership’s time and attention.

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