Lisa Henry

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Henry is CEO of Greenway Group. She brings extensive business and leadership experience to Greenway and clients. Lisa has helped many different types of A&D firms navigate a diverse array of business challenges. She works with clients to help them improve their performance in the areas of strategic planning, leadership team advisory, succession planning, and marketing and new business strategy.

Prior to joining Greenway, Lisa worked with Knoll as Director of regional architecture and design and as a studio director in corporate office design. Lisa’s extensive business experience includes designing investment management strategies as a trading advisor and fund manager with Merrill Lynch.

Lisa is a Fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers and a past national ASID President. She is an allied member of the AIA and has served on the Executive Board of the Design Futures Council, the Board of AEC Cares, and the Phillip J. Steele Art Education Foundation Board. She served as managing director of Greenway Communications, publisher of Design Intelligence magazine and books about the business of design. Lisa has written extensively about design firm management, leadership succession and the role of designers in world change.

Lisa is committed to lifelong learning and continues graduate studies as an Executive Scholar at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.  She studied at Arizona State University, Hampshire College and Interior Design Institute and has a Bachelor’s degree in interior design and extensive advanced studies.