James Cramer

Chairman Emeritus and Founder (ret.)

Jim Cramer is the founder of Greenway Group and retired in 2017 as Chairman Emeritus. He is the author of several hundred articles and several books, including the critically acclaimed Design Plus Enterprise: Seeking a New Reality in Architecture. He is co-author of How Firms Succeed 5.0: New horizons for the Professional Services Firm, and the editor of the Almanac of Architecture & Design. Cramer is the former chief executive of the American Institute of Architects in Washington, D.C. (1988-94), the recipient of more than 80 awards and honors, Honorary member of the AIA ,and a Fellow of the International Leadership Forum in La Jolla, Calif. He is retired as CEO of Greenway Communications, publisher of Design Intelligence and the Design Futures Council. An educator, futurist, and business adviser, he has led retreats about “futures invention” and value migration changes in the design professions.

He has a Master of Science from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science from Northern State University. He studied and has Graduate Certificates from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.