Compensation Strategy

At Greenway Group, we believe that performance should be the main determinant of reward for every employee, top to bottom.

We help our clients create cultures of productivity and the expectation that all will perform at a high level.

Our compensation strategy services are unique in our industry. They are built upon an unmatched body of research and a proprietary analysis process.

From small architecture firms, to large construction organizations, to corporate design divisions of Fortune 500 organizations—firms and organizations of all sizes have benefited from our services. Our compensation strategy services include:

  • Surveys
  • Salary and benefit planning
  • Meritocracy system installation
  • Executive leadership compensation consultation and decision support

Executive Compensation

Greenway Group is particularly well-known for its specialty in executive compensation planning. We regularly assist successful organizations in determining appropriate bonus distributions that are based on objective marketplace metrics. We keep up-to-the-minute data on compensation plans for equity and non-equity partners, principals, and executives as well as staff positions. We also provide objective third-party review and evaluation of leadership candidates who are under consideration for promotion.

We can help you design the right compensation model for your company and situation.

Greenway's compensation studies, along with the historical and trend data we provide, enables our clients to establish appropriate compensation levels for all roles within their firms.

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