Firm Valuation

Greenway’s experience in the design, architecture and engineering sectors provides us a unique understanding of the important drivers of your firm’s value.

Our firm valuation philosophy is to provide a thorough analysis supported by our ongoing research and direct market experience. We present reports in a clear and common sense manner that minimizes financial jargon and maximizes usability.  We provide firm valuations for many purposes, primarily internal ownership transfers, mergers and acquisitions, and ESOPs.  Our assessments not only help firms to understand their current value, but more importantly, the action steps that can be taken to enhance firm value.

Our experience and focus on design-driven business for over twenty-five years affords us in-depth knowledge of hundreds of firms and an understanding of current market values.  As a result, we can provide indications of value in a time- and cost-effective manner.  We also conduct comprehensive fair market value and benchmarking studies on a more formal basis.  

While firm values are driven by historical and projected financial metrics, much of a design firm's value is comprised of the intangible goodwill associated with the firm's brand, reputation, employees and cllient relationships.  We evaluate an array of qualitative elements using a proprietary methodology that benchmarks and values these important intangibles in a easily understood framework. Our ongoing transactional work with both sellers and buyers provides real time insights into structuring and terms, as well as pricing. 



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