How do we help firms?

We serve as trusted skilled advisors who focus on preparing and strengthening design-based businesses for the future. 

To that end, we offer comprehensive services that will help your firm during all of its growth stages. 

In the past year our clients have asked us for our insights and analyses on a wide array of issues...

" How are we doing performance-wise relative to other similar firms?

Competitors are poaching our best people. We invest in training people and then they leave the firm.  How do we engage new top talent?

What new types of skills should we be hiring? Are our culture, compensation and benefits competitive?

Should I sell my firm or pass it on to employees? Can my junior partners afford to buy the firm? How do I maximize the value of my firm?

How can we best position our firm for a merger? How do we assess the viability of an acquisition?

How do we stay relevant in the face of the rapid change in the world and our clients? How should we leverage new technologies in service to great design?

What geographic locations have the potential to support our move into a new market?

Our offices get siloed and do not share resources well. How do we capitalize on a multi-office structure without losing our legacy culture?

We have lots of great ideas and enthusiasm, but we don't gain traction and we often fail to follow through on initiatives.

We are not sure what our clients really think about our services and fees.  Our brand messaging has become diluted.

How do the new tax laws affect my business; organizational form, ESOPs, ownership mechanisms? "

If these are questions you have asked or issues on which you would like further insight, contact Greenway for more information. 

We understand that recommending change simply for the sake of change should never masquerade as sound strategic business advice. We are, however, ardent advocates for the transformative power of a well designed firm and the empowerment which thrives when the ‘business of design’ undergoes a process of thoughtful periodic examination and renewal.