LEAP Assessment

A healthy business is the foundation of enduring success for firms.  

Greenway Group developed an A&D firm assessment instrument with leading member firms of the Design Futures Council at the World Design Forum in London in1997.  We use this analytical methodology with our clients to very quickly understand and measure the prevailing culture and perception by leaders and their teams of key business issues.

This proprietary analysis tool called LEAP (Leadership | Empowerment | Accountability | Processes) measures a firm’s relative strength and alignment in 14 areas of A&D firm performance.  It has subsequently been used with thousands of individuals in many hundreds of architecture firms and design based companies. Greenway has organized and tracked responses (reported anonymously), based on performance, type of firm, size, etc., and benchmarked results for comparative purposes. 

LEAP's power comes from its ability to capture a comprehensive view of organizational culture from a variety of perspectives: leaders, team, and other stakeholders. LEAP hones in on the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, and the vantage point it offers provides a realistic foundation on which leaders can build stronger strategies and make smarter decisions.