Greenway Group developed the Design+enterprise model which serves as a framework for the drivers of an effective design practice. In the design+enterprise model all of the functional areas of a company are optimized to support the creation of great work.  

The Design+ Enterprise model has five components that, when optimized, are the drivers of a healthy firm.

A word about Foresight: Foresight implies prescience or omniscience, being right or having the wisdom to know the future.  At Greenway we do not belive that is the case. There are too many 'black swans', too many false positives.  We prefer to think of foresight as a business framework to learn how to think about the future, exert leadership under uncertainty and how to turn risk, volatility, and change into a competitive advantage. Foresight is a way of thinking not a prognostication of the obvious. 

  1. Leadership - provides clear future vision, leadership skill, navigates change, and creates a sound governance structure
  2. Marketing - those activities that are devoted to getting the work
  3. Operations - the people, structure, tools and processes that support doing the work
  4. Professional services - the work of the firm, practice and service mix
  5. Finance - assessing risk, volatility, and managing assets to ensure strategic goals can be met