Our Approach

Our approach to working with clients is unique. 

Greenway Group consultants employ a roundtable approach to client projects, led by the principal-in-charge, and convene regular discussions among our senior principals in order to capture a diversified spectrum of hands-on professional experience in design-based businesses, operations, organizational behavior and financial management. We believe this peer review and far reaching discussion helps us to avoid blind spots or biases and serves to calibrate and validate both our quantitative research findings and our qualitative recommendations.

We understand that recommending change simply for the sake of change should never masquerade as sound strategic business advice. We are, however, ardent advocates for the transformative power of good business design and the empowerment which thrives in an environment where the ‘business of design’ undergoes a process of thoughtful periodic examination and renewal.

We believe that thoughtful and rigorous attention to the structure and processes of a business enterprise is just as important as the creativity, knowledge, and discipline brought to the well-designed built environment.

We offer five additional unique advantages that serve our clients in architecture and design based companies: 

Foresight and insight- Through many years of carefully watching trends in design, engineering and construction industry as well as the overall business, political, and social environment, we have developed the ability to help clients "see around the corner" and translate that foresight into actionable insight that can inform strategic decisions.

Integrated services- We take a holistic view of our clients, their situation, and the market. Our approach utilizing our Design+Enterprise Model allows us to see how all the parts work together and we are at our best when we provide comprehensive support.

Commitment to design and expertise- We exist in large part to support companies who create great design and who contribute to the well being of people and the planet. Since 1994, design thinking has been part of our DNA. Our principals are accomplished successful business men and women who have hands on experience as design and engineering professionals in their career.  We have walked miles in your shoes ourselves and understand the drive to create great work that motivates your firm and the people within it.

Research- Through our custom research for clients, we collect data continuously on vital business issues such as compensation, international firm fees, and design education. This research helps us develop industry-wide performance benchmarks and it informs and supports our work with clients.

Networks- Our work with top companies and institutions in the architecture, design, and engineering professions provides us access to the best in thought leadership and gives us deep insight into how firms operate successfully.