Adaptive Strategy

The conventional strategic plan is obsolete. 

Today’s A+D firms require much more agile strategy plans which can adapt as market forces and other factors reveal themselves quickly and unexpectedly. 

The first shortcoming of a traditional approach to strategic planning is the tendency to ‘set it and forget it’. Greenway Group helps firms create and implement adaptive strategies which are agile and responsive to increasingly complex and changing market conditions.  A second deficiency of the conventional plan is the challenge of getting the entire organization to connect their individual and team contributions to the success of the overall plan.

An adaptive plan is ongoing. It can be created and modified as needed to continually assess opportunities, prioritize resources, and evaluate risk while promoting accountability at all levels of the organization. The result is a flexible strategic plan that is embraced by the entire team. 

Our strategy services include:

  • Plan implementation
  • Periodic review and course adjustment  
  • Measuring results
  • Accountability 

We organize strategy using the Greenway Group's Design+Enterprise Model to identify the foundational elements which drive the success of an architecture & design based business enterprise; including market development, professional services, operations, finance, and visionary leadership.

We use proprietary tools and techniques to help companies ensure that their strategic initiatives gain traction in the firm and serve as guideposts for teams and individuals. Working in tandem, strategy and implementation enable leadership teams to leverage the value of an agile planning process, to generate greater organizational engagement to accomplish goals and to build long term value. 

 Greenway Group's Design+ Enterprise Model                                                                                                                                                                  

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