Brand Strategy

Greenway’s Brand+ Model

Brand is one of the most frequently misunderstood concepts in business. While some associate it solely with consumer products, others confuse their brand with the graphics and images that represent it.

In truth, brand for professional services organizations is both encompassing and essential.

Greenway’s Brand+ model informs our work with clients and it is founded on the idea that brand is a combination four elements in a company:

  • Internal reality (mission, visions, values and culture)
  • Actions and attitudes of all its members
  • Artifacts that people can see, hear and touch
  • Perceptions of your firm in the marketplace

A strong, well-managed and fully aligned brand can significantly boost the internal health of a firm as well as provide a significant competitive advantage in the market.

When staff and management have a strong sense of underlying purpose and share a vision of where a firm is heading—and can articulate clearly what differentiates their company—they build a strong culture that rewards creativity and productivity, instills pride, and helps attract and retain top talent.

A strong brand in the market attracts clients who are willing to pay fair prices because they come to the table already understanding and accepting your value proposition and expertise.

At Greenway Group, we help firms bring their business strategy and unique offerings to market through their brand. We combine our proprietary brand model, research, strategic vision and a deep understanding of branding professional services organizations to help develop brands that support our clients' desired position in the market.

Our services include:

  • Brand research and analysis
  • Brand strategy development
  • Organizational alignment with brand
  • Branding program implementation

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