Leadership Development

Talent is the chief competitive advantage of any design-based firm, and leadership talent is no exception.

Nurturing and developing existing as well as new leaders ensures that a firm develops and maintains a high-performance culture and clear direction for the future.

Years of experience, study, and research have shown us what makes some leaders succeed and others fail. There are six characteristics that are common to effective leaders and cultures they help create:

  1. Foster meritocracy – a commitment to fairness and compensation that is tied to performance. 
  2. Accountability – a by-product of healthy trust and constructive conflict that requires complete honesty with self and others.
  3. Create a culture of support – leaders occupy the role of coaches in a supportive environment of achievement and growth.
  4. Adaptability – individuals are willing and able to trade in old outlooks and habits as the needs of the firm change.
  5. Ongoing commitment to leadership development – a personal and firm-wide ethic of investing time and resources in making current and future leaders the best they can be. 
  6. Concrete action plans with measurable goals – individuals, teams, and the firm as a whole makes its plans real through action, which is then measured and becomes the basis for future plans and actions.

Our program of leadership development and training focuses on developing leaders who can bring about cultures that foster these six characteristics.

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