Board Governance

There is a shift  toward achieving excellence in governance as a critical best practice.

Too many firms report that their governing process is not working well. There are boards who tell us that they are legally, morally, and ethically not fully exercising their duties to ‘direct and protect’ the firm. Some boards too often spend their time on the trivial and unimportant or they confuse management and governance.

Greenway has expertise in helping firm leaders re-align their Boards in order to leverage the power of effective governance. Service we provide include On-Line Board Effectiveness Assessment, Board Charters, Best Practices, Governance Handbook for New Directors, On-Boarding New Directors, Authorities and Accountability MatrixDirector Criteria and Election Facilitation.

We help firms identify gaps in their Board's effectiveness and develop these 7 attributes of successful governance practices:

1. Establishing the organizational core values

2. Setting policies that enable an outcome driven performance culture

3. Establishing a crystal clear vision with accompanying strategy and implementation

4. Fostering a future focused culture

5. Selecting inspired leadership along with Board role clarity

6. Evaluating the performance of the executive leadership and setting incentives that encourage long term performance

7. Possessing risk intelligence along with smart action policies that create ongoing relevance

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