Leadership + Governance

Effective leadership and sound business strategy go hand in hand.

Effective leaders are essential to create a compelling firm vision and successful business strategy. Insightful leaders can describe their vision for an ideal firm, but few can confidently answer the question “how do we get there?"  

Greenway Group consultants work with our clients to strengthen leadership teams so they can create and execute sound strategic and operational plans to achieve their future vision. In order to do that, research and experience have taught us that developing the strengths of people and taking time for periodic reflection must be viewed as a best practice. 

Healthy leadership creates a high-trust culture. Strongly aligned leadership teams can transform firms creating both tangible and intangible benefits. Healthy firms tend to create an engaging culture, have better productivity, better collaboration and flow of information, and a better work environment that can bolster recruitment and retention.

Companies that invest in their leaders—both current and future—reap the benefits of a sustainable organization. Our work with clients provides learning opportunities for developing leaders and provides objective confidential third-party perspective for evaluating current leadership skills with proprietary assessment tools and key performance metrics.

Ways we can help include:

  • Leadership Skills Workshops
  • Leadership advisory for individuals and teams
  • Leadership Development Nurturing and developing existing as well as emerging leaders ensures that a firm develops and maintains a high-performance culture and clear direction for the future.