Internal Ownership Transition

Responsible ownership transition allows owners to pass their firm’s legacy to a new generation of leaders.

At some point in the life cycle of a firm, there is a need to pass on its legacy and its ownership. Greenway Group approaches transition planning from a perspective of stewardship—of the culture, the staff, and clients—as well as from financial considerations. We work with a firm’s current and future owners to define financial strategies, understand buy-sell implications, change management advisory, and leadership development that are essential in a successful transition. 

Aligning Values & Vision

Greenway Group works with clients to build internal ownership transition plans that align with a firm’s values and vision, one that is right for each unique business. Our professional services focus on the financial implications of transition and retaining key talent.   We explore healthy ways for owners both to let go and to assure future quality, financial strength, and brand repute of the firm.

We provide opinion and structure for review of agreements with respect to financing, timing, contractual relationship, and common sense. In addition, our services relating to Internal Transition Planning include:

- Developing proven and innovative covenants regarding employment contracts, retirement benefits, and shareholder agreements.

- Evaluating  buy-sell agreements in the new ownership context and gauge their potential.

- Advising both parties about common mistakes made during ownership transitions and discuss how to anticipate and avoid them.

- Facilitating Change Management, conflict resolution and advisory.

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